WSI B2B Social Selling Mastery Course

Transform Your Sales Strategy With our WSI Social Selling Mastery Course 

  • Enlarge your sales pipeline with targeted prospects
  • Be first to be a part of your prospects buying process
  • Increase sales effectiveness and results

The growth of the  internet has dramatically changed the B2B buyer’s journey.  Consider the following facts recently reported by marketing research firms:

  • 93% of B2B buyers begin their buying journey online
  •  65% – 70% of the buying journey is conducted prior to involvement with sales reps

Today’s B2B buyer can easily turn to the internet to find the information which had been supplied by the sales rep.  Additionally, he places a great value on the information and opinions he can receive from his peers in the buying world.

Embracing Social Selling

A simple solution to embrace today’s sales reality is to be the first to supply your prospect with content which will help inform his buying decision and create on online relationship with the buyer.

Our Social Selling Mastery Course is designed to plunge sales professionals and sales teams into the digital world and embrace social selling to drive revenues.  During this 12 week course sales professionals will learn to:

  • Optimize social media profiles for sales credibilityWSISocialSellingWorkbook
  • Develop the ideal sales persona for connection
  • Curate and publish content valuable to the prospective buyer
  • How to use social listening to monitor prospects for sales trigger events
  • Generate targeted leads
  • Perform online competitive intelligence
  • Organize social media efforts into a short daily routine

To learn more about our 12 week instructor led Social Selling Mastery Course and how to become Social Selling certified, simply complete and submit the short form below.




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